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Digital Holographic Fan

Product code : widi001

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Product Description

  • ✔【WIFI TRANSFER & LIVE UPLOAD WITH iOS ANDROID PHONES】 - Connects the LED display via WiFi, control the display from App or remote control.Software compatible with iOS,Android and Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (SUPPORT MACBOOK)
  • ✔【HIGHER RESOLUTION WITH 320PCS OF LED LAMPS】- Equipped with 320pcs LED Beads provide you with more clear and solid image.3D images more eye-catching to replace the traditional non-advertising content. Support a variety of online, make the playback screen larger and clearer.
  • ✔【3D HOLOGRAM FAN DISPLAYWITH 16GB TF CARD】 - 3D 5D 4K Effect image and video are produced by ultra high-density rotating led fans. This eye-catcher fan can help you to spread and share advertising efficiently. Perfect suitable for shopping mall, cloth store, restaurant, museum and any other places which need do 3D hologram display
  • ✔【EAST TO USE & INSTALL】 - Install the product in the position 7ft or higher,suitable for indoor use, for outdoor use, please equipped with a protective cover;Can customize your video or pictures to display,just simply copy video into TF card (16GB TF card is included), it will bring a vivid 3d advertising display in the air.
  • ✔【VALUE ADDED FEATURES】3D 5D 4K Holographic Display, with WIFI (point to point) remote control, pictures transferred with APP and format transformed automatically, easy operation and high resolution (640*640 pixels) displaying. Suitable for outdoor ads, supermarket, shopping mall, bars and gyms etc.